Yalçın Group
the Yalçın Group

General Introduction

Alphatech Istanbul, Turkey
Alphatech Manisa, Turkey
Yalçın group-profile
  • Founded:
1987  - Yalçın Kimya
2005 - Alphatech
2009 - Alphaworld
  • Employees:
est. 72 (Q1/2020)
  • Alphatech Plants:
a total of 54 electroplating plants
22 classified large
(plant capacity: > 1.030 m² / day - 250.000 m² / year)
  • "Plating window":
e.g. (WxLxH): 20 x 150 x 60 cm
up to 1.000 x 2.000 x 400 cm
  • Quality Certificates:
DIN ISO 9001:2015
Important facts about the Yalçın group
  • We represent a Turkish-German partnership for technology
  • Primary Goal: Offering complete electroplating solutions (e.g. plant construction, rectifier, wastewater treatment, base chemicals, plating chemicals (organics, for GMF), analysis service, quality control)
  • Full service commitment: We assist you at project-planning, up until production begin and support
Areas of operation / references
  • Aviation (Turkish Airlines - THY Teknik)
  • Telecommunication and military (Aselsan)
  • Decorative plating (Larth, Kromsan, Ismak, Warma + D-Rad, Sanpan)
  • Automotive parts (Autoliv, SFS-Intec, Uzman Kataforez, Ford, Manisa Kaplama)
  • Sanitary accessiores (EVS, Bimed, Ece Metal)
  • POP Plating on plastics (PGS Plastik, Marsan Plastik, Ati Teknik, ALBA Plastik)
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Your contact to YGK
Are there any remaining questions about us or our services? Feel free to contact us by the method of your choice! We will gladly try to help you out.


Adress: Aydınlı-Kosb Mah. Organik Cad.  No.: 33

KOSB/Tuzla, İstanbul

Phone: +90 216 593 24 40

Mail: info@yalcinkimya.com.tr