What we provide

Since 1988, we have been continuously developing our R & D department for our valued customers. You can contact us, if you seek to develop a new product. We also provide laboratory equipment.
YGK's eco-friendly Pretreatment

‍Play safe – with pretreatment processes from YGK for an optimum preparation of the work pieces before plating. We have the matching process! Contact us
Main Processes
Plating on Plastics
Plating on Aluminium
Electroless Nickel
Zinc and Zinc Alloys
YGK's Effective Main processes

HSO covers with the most versatile innovations the whole range of processes for the surface treatment. Plastics, aluminium, electroless nickel or zinc. Mat or bright. Decorative or functional. Contact us!
YGK's Posttreatment

Processes specifically applicable to the respective base material and the surface properties for posttreatment of plated surfaces. Contact us!
Your contact to YGK
Are there any remaining questions about us or our services? Feel free to contact us by the method of your choice! We will gladly try to help you out.


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