About us

Who we are

We are YGK, a vibrant science and technology company. Science is at the heart of everything we do. It drives the discoveries we make and the technologies we create.

30 years ago, YGK was founded as one of the first electroplating additives sellers in turkey. Ever since, standing at the top of our industry has been of utmost importance to us. Like most notable international brands, we started from scratch and have since then developed and optimized our products and services.

Who we are

Our Team

Dr. Hüseyin Yalçın
General Manager and Founder
Email: huseyin.yalcin@ygkimya.com.tr
Phone: +90 532 335 40 16
Berrin Öztürk
Accounting & Finance (CPA)
Email: berrin.ozturk@ygkimya.com.tr
Ebru Pürmüs
Laboratory Coordinator
Email: ebru.purmus@ygkimya.com.tr
Who we are

Quality control

Our Vision

YALÇIN GALVANO KİMYA's growth in the Turkish and World market with the brand it has created.

Our Mission

Our Goal: To ensure that the name of YALÇIN GALVANO KİMYA and the brands it creates are synonymous with quality and trust in the industry.

Our Quality Policy

All YALÇIN GALVANO KİMYA  employees act in accordance with the following principles:
* Satisfying our customers by meeting their needs and expectations
* Obtaining the necessary permits for our company and ensuring that sales are carried out in accordance with legal conditions
* Being responsible for quality together with all our managers and employees
* Activities to ensure the health, safety, today and tomorrow of our employees, and to increase their loyalty and satisfaction
* Increasing our skills through trainings, encouraging team spirit.
* Working efficiently and providing added value, using resources effectively in line with these principles.
* Continuing our work as an institution that observes ethical values ​​in the places we work and in the environments we live in.
* Ensuring sustainability by offering environmentally friendly chemicals and contributing to companies and the environment for the future.

Your contact to YGK
Are there any remaining questions about us or our services? Feel free to contact us by the method of your choice! We will gladly try to help you out.


Adress: Aydınlı-Kosb Mah. Organik Cad.  No.: 33

KOSB/Tuzla, İstanbul

Phone: +90 216 593 24 40

Mail: info@yalcinkimya.com.tr