Key markets and industries

Aviation   -   Automotive   -   Sanitary   -   Smartphone   -   Heavy machinery   -   Energy
Construction/Building   -   Household appliances   -   Communication infrastructure   -  Computing (Chips)

Your partner for metal finishing

We are active in two business segments:
01.: Electronics (“EL”) and
02.: General metal finishing (“GMF”).

In both areas, we supply our comprehensive systems and solutions consisting of chemistry, equipment and service.

YGK's Analysis Service
Play safe – with electroplating processes and analysis from YGK.
From normal analysis to organic compounds,
we can find nearly everything.

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Adress: Aydınlı-Kosb Mah. Organik Cad.  No.: 33

KOSB/Tuzla, İstanbul

Phone: +90 216 593 24 40